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Crux Hand Blender Review – 100% Honest Review From Personal Using Experience

We do not wish to deal with the additional hassle when cooking. If there is a problem like twisting the cord of the blender, then you should consider that the mood on this day is very unfriendly. Therefore, Crux has created a cordless blender to solve the problem of cord twisting. It is with great pleasure that we are going to talk about the Crux hand blender review today from my personal user experience.

In case you don’t get your blender cord in a knot during the cooking process, then today’s blender is the perfect one for you. Hope you’re able to guess which blender’s name I’m going to reveal. Yes, this is none other than the CRUX Cordless Hand Immersion Blender. So let’s begin with me and continue until the end to know every ins and outs about crux cordless hand blenders.

Crux Immersion Hand Blender
Product 1 – Crux Immersion Hand Blender

Firstly, let’s take a look at what features this blender comes with and see if you think it’s suitable for your needs.

Incredible Features At A Glance

  • Cordless Hand Immersion Blender
  • Durable 7.5” Blending Arm
  • Quickly Blend
  • Best for Mix Smoothies, Puree Sauces/Soups
  • Easily Whip
  • Conveniently Rechargeable
  • Easy to Clean with Dishwasher Safe
  • Removable Parts
  • Exceptional at Grinding Coffee Beans
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Key Specification

Product Brand: Crux
Color: Immersion Hand Blender (Black)
Material: Stainless Steel, Copper
Style: Modern
Recommended Uses For Product: Blending
Blending Arm: 7.5”
Power Source: Battery Powered
Voltage: 8.4 Volts
Weight: 3.35 Pounds
Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes.
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 5.11 x 16.73 inches
Item Model Nomber: 14790

What I Like About Crux Cordless Immersion Blender

cordless immersion blender
Figure 1 – Crux Immersion Hand Blender

I was looking for a cordless blender and I was talking about it with my friend when he told me that a Crux durable 7.5” immersion blender might be just what I need. I ordered it online without delay and started using it as soon as it arrived in my hands. To put it simply, it is a great blender with excellent performance.

With the blender, I am able to make smoothies. So far, so good for a cordless blender. I feel that this is a quality product. 

Ultimately, I will be able to determine how well it holds up, but my initial impression is that the blender is a high-quality product, feels substantial, looks nice, is relatively easy to clean, and is powerful enough to blend frozen berries, a banana, and a small apple with OJ and water mixtures with powder protein to create a nice smoothie.

Take a look at the below to learn about its pros and what I enjoyed during my time using it.


  • Makes great smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 15 minutes of continuous blending in a single battery charge.
  • An easy-to-grip handle.
  • Placing the jar on a base is easy.
  • A user-friendly interface.

Where It Lacks/ What Could Be Better

My experience with this product over the past few years has led me to notice some downsides, which I will describe in this section. After a few days, the blender stopped blending altogether.

Despite my best efforts, I could not determine whether the blender was on or not. Later, I had it repaired by a mechanic. Furthermore, I am concerned about the build quality of this product. 

The most disappointing aspect was that it could not be blended with fiber ingredients. This made me very sad.


  • Doesn’t smoothly blend fibrous ingredients.
  • The build quality is questionable.
  • Can’t crush ice.
  • Not well-suited for tough blends like nut butter.

In Detail Review On CRUX Cordless Hand Immersion Blender

Crux Hand Blender
Figure 2 – Crux Hand Blender Review

Featuring a 24-ounce beaker, a charging stand, and a whisk attachment, Crux Cordless Immersion Blender is a battery-powered immersion blender. This blender has a detachable blending arm that can be cleaned easily and is dishwasher safe. 

When you blend, the motor body is grooved so it is easier to hold. It is however difficult to blend recipes with fibrous ingredients, such as kale or broccoli. However, it is easier to blend ingredients that are soft and cooked. 

Throughout this guide, I will share with you the results that I have found with this blender from my own personal experience. Let’s take a closer look at these crux cordless immersion blender reviews and see what the verdict is.

What’s In The Box

I was overjoyed when I received my new blender when it was first delivered to me. I opened the box with a lot of curiosity, and I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. When I opened the box, I saw my desired blender with some accessories in addition to it. This is a list of the accessories that came with my cordless blender, so let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Motor base
  • Blending shaft
  • Blade cover
  • Whisk attachment
  • 24-ounce beaker
  • Beaker lid
  • Instruction and recipe booklet
  • Charging base with built-in cable.

Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, this product does not disappoint at this price point. With its durable materials and state-of-the-art digital technology, you can expect a long lifespan. A stainless steel material is used in the manufacture of this product, which makes it more durable.

While the blender itself is highly durable, its charging base, whisk, and jar are made of generic plastic that does not feel as sturdy as the blender itself. This reduces the overall quality of the blender.

The color of this item is black, which I find very attractive, as I prefer black to any other color. I hope you will also enjoy this color if you like it. I am very impressed with the overall design of this blender. As far as its design is concerned, there is no confusion.

How Is The Jar?

As well as the storage lid, the jar is made of plastic and is dishwasher safe. There is a 24-ounce capacity in the beaker, but the blend can also be used directly in a pot, pan, or another container, so you are not restricted by the size of the container.

About Blades & Lid

The blade is sharper. Despite using the blender for a long period of time, the blade remains sharp. Two very sharp blades are included in the blade assembly. If you have a dishwasher, you can place the blending arm on the top rack. A lid is provided for the beaker so that any leftovers can be stored. You can easily put it on and take it off.

How Powerful Is The Motor?

While the manufacturer does not specify the motor’s power, they advertise that it is powered by a lithium-ion battery of 8.4 volts. It is an extremely powerful motor. It is designed to be more comfortable to hold the motor body handle due to its grooved design. The power and unlock buttons are located near each other, so people with smaller hands can easily operate the blender. 

There is a plastic mechanism that connects the motor body to the blending arm, but it is easy to attach and detach, and the blender itself is well-built.

About Power Cord

Power cord
Figure 3 – Power Cord

Since the Crux Immersion Blender is cordless, it does not have a power cord. Additionally, unlike most battery-powered immersion blenders, you do not plug the charging cable into the motor body. Instead, it comes with a stand that has an integrated charging cable. 

By docking the blender on the stand, you will be able to charge it. It is stated by the manufacturer that a full charge will allow continuous blending for 15 minutes. In most cases, the cord can be hidden under the charging stand, except for the A/C adapter.

Is It Noisy?

Although the noise isn’t particularly loud for this hand blender, if you’re using it for a long period of time, the noise can become annoying.

Is It Bulky/ Will It Take Lots of Space?

As this blender is not so bulky, you will be able to store it anywhere you want. This Crux Immersion Blender comes with a charging stand to hold it up so that you can be able to store it on your counter while it charges. 

If you want to store it in a drawer without the stand, then its dimensions are similar to those of other immersion blenders. The blender itself is also quite a bit lighter in weight than some of the other models that are battery-powered.

How to Set Up It?

The Crux Hand Blender is easy to use. With its intuitive control buttons and ergonomic design, it is easy to handle and operate. A safety lock feature on the blender prevents the blades from engaging accidentally, providing peace of mind while using it.

To begin the motor, press the safety button (with the lock icon) on top of the motor body as well as the power button. Being cordless and not requiring a plug to function, it acts as a safety feature to prevent unintentional operation. 

Once the blender begins to run, you can release the safety button and simply press the power button to blend the ingredients. By pressing and releasing the power and unlock buttons, you can simulate a pulse mode.

Is It Easy to Clean?

There is no need to worry about cleaning it. You can remove sticky residue from the blender by running it in the beaker with soap and water. Additionally, you should wipe the outside of the blade bell and scrub the blades. This part can be a bit challenging because the blades are sharp, so you should use a brush to avoid getting cut.

What Type of Food It Can Handle?

Blending in a pot
Figure 4 – Blending In A Pot

Since we know that this blender can blend quickly, it is best suited for blending smoothies. In the event that you are looking for a blender for smoothies, you may choose it without hesitation. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for pureeing sauces and soups, as well as for whipping.

This cordless immersion blender is ideal for blending soups. It is easy to use the blending arm once the ingredients have been cooked to puree a soup or sauce.

Crux Cordless Immersion Blender is not ideal for processing small batches of fibrous ingredients. 

I do not recommend it for crushing ice. As with many immersion blenders, the blade bell makes it difficult for the blades to reach and grab ice cubes. Even a few ice cubes cannot be crushed at the same time. 

It is not suitable for making nut butter. For thick mixtures, it is difficult to use an immersion blender since you must constantly move the blender up and down to keep the ingredients moving.

Why Should You Buy This?

Generally, the Crux Cordless Immersion Blender can be used for professional purposes. Even if you are blending for a few minutes, the motor body has grooves that make it quite comfortable to hold.

If you are looking for a cordless immersion blender, this is the best option. As an immersion blender, it is primarily intended for blending hot ingredients directly in pots or pans for soups and sauces. If you are looking for a blender to make smoothies or one that can be cleaned easily and is dishwasher-safe, you may choose this model.

In Which Case Should You Avoid This?

It is not intended to be used for a variety of purposes with the Crux Cordless Immersion Blender. Like many immersion blenders we have tested, this Cordless Immersion Blender won’t crush ice and cannot grasp ice cubes. You can also avoid this blender if you need one for making nut butter.

Is It Worth The Price?

According to my personal opinion, this immersion blender is well worth the price. The price is not excessively high and can be afforded by most people. Anyone with a low budget can purchase this blender. 

This affordable price range allows you to purchase an excellent blender for professional use. Hence, if you are looking for a cordless immersion blender in this price range, this is the best choice for you.

Where to Buy?

I have discussed my review of the CRUX cordless immersion hand blender, and if you are interested in buying one, there are several online shops you can look forward to visiting. You will find it on Amazon, and other online shops like Walmart, or eBay.

If you prefer, you can visit your local appliance shop and buy this model there.

Final Verdict

This is an overall Crux hand blender review. It is a reliable and versatile kitchen companion that delivers impressive performance. 

The powerful motor, multiple attachments, and ease of use of this blender make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to simplify blending, whisking, and chopping tasks. 

Despite the fact that it may be a bit noisy, it is a minor drawback when compared to its overall performance. In view of its value for money and functionality, I would highly recommend the Crux Hand Blender for all your blending needs.

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